THE CHINA CRISIS: How China’s Economic Collapse will Lead to a Global Depression

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(Three Disc Set)

James Gorrie warns that rather than a nation on the cusp of replacing the United states as the Global Superpower, China is once again on the path to a complete social and economic meltdown.

Gorrie says China’s economy is incredibly wasteful and incredibly corrupt, they have a real estate and financial bubble that is unsupportable.

However, unlike past Chinese meltdowns this one is likely to have a devastating effect on the global economy, and the US economy as well.

THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS STORY – We have repeatedly seen that once a global economy has been stretched to it’s limit with debt and loose credit that when it comes to WHEN the meltdown will start, the it’s now all about TRIGGERS. Will it be the breakdown of the Eurozone? A war in Ukraine or the Middle East? What if China, with the most massive real estate bubble in history (64 million uninhabited apartments) is next? How fast could it unravel and meltdown the world?


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1 review for THE CHINA CRISIS: How China’s Economic Collapse will Lead to a Global Depression

  1. Rated 2 out of 5

    Glen Provenzano

    I read the book and thought it could have been written in one chapter. The author kept repeating the same basic info over and oner as if to fill more pages. Very little research went into the book to back up his ideas.

    • Bruce Weide

      Thanks for the comment, Glen! Yeah, I got some of that impression, too, when reading the book. A lot of writers may seem that way, perhaps in an effort to keep people tracking with their main premises througout.

      So when I do an interview I get the chance to break through that and distill the story, at least due to my limited time to tell it. And even more fun, i challenged James on almost every general point he’d make and either ask for specifics or run off within the show and look to corroborate his assertions from other sources. Let me know if you like the style I put to this (hint, hint).

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